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Is This Person Looking for a Summer Intern or a Summer Fling?

But, oh... those sum-mer... totally appropriate work-related NIIIIIIGHTS!

Beware the employer who doesn’t want you to post on Above the Law.

More to the point: beware the employer who advertises on Craigslist and asks to see a picture of you, and also doesn’t want you to post on Above the Law.

Last June, we did a story about Philadelphia attorney who was looking for a sharp dresser to join his law practice. This June we’ve got a California guy looking for a summer intern who isn’t “uptight.” Both of them want to see a picture along with your other “credentials.”

And he doesn’t even want you to be licensed….

I always wonder if people are seriously looking for professional colleagues on Craigslist with ads like this, or if these job ads are really just elaborate code people have to use because they closed down Craigslist’s “Adult Services” section.

In any event, taking the ad at its word, it sounds like a great opportunity for a special someone. Here’s the ad, in pertinent part:

If you represent the typical law student who is constantly uptight and worried and posts daily on above the law, this is not the position for you. If, on the other hand, you’re smart, comfortable in social settings and have a work hard/play hard mentality, you might be a good fit. Please send a photograph of yourself along with your resume and a brief cover letter to be considered.

The full piece is on the next page, but I think you get the point. Or, at the very least, I think the kind of people who are “comfortable in social settings” and are not “uptight,” but are instead “good fits,” get the point.

I just wonder, if you are that perfect summer intern for this “boutique,” why the heck would the guy care if you spend the rest of your time posting on Above the Law? You know, once you’re doing servicing the firm.

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