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Lawyerly Lairs: A Federal Prosecutor’s $25 Million Apartment

Here’s what the New York Post says about it:

A source said [Boaz] Weinstein loves the 12th-floor apartment’s “unique layout,” along with the high ceilings and stunning views of Central Park.

While the 14-room apartment had “good bones,” as one insider put it — including oak paneling, original wood floors and large windows — it is in dire need of upgrades.

The first renovations would be the electric wiring and the plumbing, a source said.

An ATL tipster asked:

It sounds like they paid less for the place than they would have for a similar property because it’s outdated and not in the best shape. Are they going to pour major money into renovations, or is Boaz a cheap bastard who’ll make Tali cook him meals with those 1915 appliances?

CORRECTION (6/6/2012, 9:15 AM): Thanks to an observant commenter for pointing out that the interior photos in this post are for a different apartment in the same building. I was thrown off by the Curbed story, which included the floor plan for apartment 12W but interior pictures for apartment 7E/7W. The photos you’re about to see pertain to 7E/7W — apparently 12W is even more dated (but well-maintained, thanks to the weekly cleanings ordered by Huguette Clark, who didn’t even live there for decades before her death). I have made some edits to the text of this story to reflect this correction.

Expect Boaz and Tali Weinstein — when they’re not busy making life miserable for JPMorgan and Brooklyn gangsters, respectively — to undertake a massive renovation and redecoration effort. The pictures below show what a more modern apartment in the building can look like (click to enlarge):

And here’s a foyer:

Although Huguette Clark didn’t live in this particular unit, she might as well have. The space strikes me as a bit “old lady”-ish — and Huguette Clark definitely was an old lady. She passed away last year at the impressive age of 104. May she (and “Huguette” as a girl’s name) rest in peace.

The apartments in the building are massive, and the rooms get great light….

(hidden for your protection)

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