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Lawyerly Lairs: A Federal Prosecutor’s $25 Million Apartment

Here is the floor plan for apartment 12W, in all of its glory (click to enlarge):

It seems to be broken up into a lot of small rooms — a problem we’ve seen before with some prewar pads. But it has tons of space and generous frontage on Central Park. As noted by a broker in the New York Observer, “While one needs to envision the apartment brought up to date for today’s lifestyle, the bones are here for a unique and fabulous residence.”

Indeed. And who better than to bring this apartment into the 21st century than two “unique and fabulous” individuals, Boaz Weinstein and Tali Farhadian Weinstein?

Does Tali take the subway to Brooklyn? Or a chauffeur-driven black car?

Congratulations to the Weinsteins on their amazing new home. After the requisite renovations, it will surely be a palatial pad, fit for the Wall Street and legal world royalty that they are. Mazel tov!

P.S. As it turns out, my shrink has his office in 907 Fifth Avenue. Tali, if you’d be willing to give me an off-the-record tour of your new digs once you’re settled in — I can come up before or after one of my appointments — please drop me a line. Toodles!

UPDATE (7/18/2012): Shortly after this post was published, one reader contacted us to say that the sale was not yet official (and might still fall through). Thankfully for the Weinsteins (and the Clark estate), it looks like the transaction did in fact proceed as planned, according to city property records cited by the New York Observer.

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