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Lawyerly Lairs: Retired Skadden Partner ‘Downsizes’ to $3 Million Penthouse

It wasn’t much to look at when Fox and Freund first moved in. But they put some work into it, as the Times explains:

The apartment had tiny windows, small dark rooms and a cramped layout. “I’ve got to hand it to Barbara,” Mr. Freund said. “The place did not look great.” But with the help of her sister, Marjorie Hilton, an interior designer, Ms. Fox transformed the space via a gut renovation that involved reconfiguring layouts and enlarging windows and doorways. She also bought furniture and chose art.

“I didn’t come over here the entire time she was working on the apartment,” Mr. Freund said, “but when I saw the finished product, I was stunned.”

(I like Marjorie Hilton’s aesthetic. Check out her impressive and diverse body of work on her website.)

The apartment, framed by a wraparound terrace, is home to many items that reflect Ms. Fox’s taste, among them a luminous oil of a pear by David Gordon and black-and-white lithographs by Tom Slaughter of such mundane objects as a toothbrush and an envelope.

Gotta love the wraparound terrace. Sure, Jim Freund’s old townhouse might have had more space, but it certainly didn’t boast these views. Check them out (click to enlarge):

It might not be as vast as this Cravath lawyer’s terrace, but it’s still far superior to the tiny balconies that pass for “outdoor space” here in Manhattan. Note the presence of an outdoor dining set on the protruding part of the terrace.

What about the apartment’s interior?

(hidden for your protection)

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