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May Lawyer of the Month: He’s Got a ‘Huge [Bleep]hole’!

It’s time to announce the winner of May’s Lawyer of the Month competition. This time around, readers had five of our most entertaining lawyers to date to choose from, including allegedly outrageous emailers, super-rude letter writers, and penile picture painters. But at the end of the day, only one lawyer’s “[bleep]hole” was huge enough to get an edge over the rest of last month’s competition.

Let’s see who took home the title of Lawyer of the Month for May, an honor we certainly hope was worth losing his job over….

We really have to tip our hat to each of last month’s competitors for providing us with such schadenfreude, through their incredibly colorful alleged misdeeds. Unfortunately, our resident dick pic drawing, Dunkin’ Donuts deposing litigator came in second place. Perhaps Richard Celler can use his artistic abilities to create a picture of the winner’s privates.

That being said, May’s Lawyer of the Month is Martin Sweeney, a former Cozen O’Connor partner. When attempting to schedule a deposition via email, Sweeney had several choice names for opposing counsel (“pansy,” “p**sy,” and “ignorant slut,” to name just a few). Sweeney then informed opposing counsel that if he continued to “f**k with [him],” that he’d have a “huge [bleep]hole.”

Shortly after the news of his less-than-courteous scheduling tactics made the news, we received a message from a Cozen O’Connor spokesperson to inform us that Sweeney was no longer with the firm. Who’s got the “huge [bleep]hole” now, Sweeney?

In case you somehow missed Sweeney’s epic email thread, we’ve reposted it for you on the following page….

(hidden for your protection)

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