Non-Sequiturs: 06.27.12

* Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSBlog believes that the individual mandate will be upheld tomorrow. I’m on record as saying that if so, it’ll be the greatest moment of Chief Justice Roberts’s tenure. It would be a message that the Court was above politics, something that the Court has struggled to prove since Bush v. Gore. Obviously, I expect them to strike down the mandate, laugh at the other two branches of government, and then have a big sex and coke party because they can’t be fired. [SCOTUSblog]

* Back in the day, I went to Lollapalooza and caught a performance of Courtney Love’s band Hole, and it was great and she was great and then she did a cover of Come as You Are that blew the doors off and I remember just hoping she’d stay just clean enough to make great music. Things didn’t work out that way. [Hollywood Reporter]

* Social media. Data breach. Lawsuit. This happens so often now I don’t know that it’s news, it’s just the way things are. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

* NYU law professor wants to ban hate speech. Gosh, I hardly think the government should be able to prevent me from saying things like “this stupid freaking argument would never be tolerated at Columbia.” [Bloomberg Law]

* SEC is suing Phil Falcone, which is fun but might not make the most sense. [Dealbreaker]

* The Ninth Circuit is trying to look down the rabbit hole of just what border agents can do to your laptop, and how long they can keep it. [Law Technology News]

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