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Arrested for DUI Like Yeah. Ruining My Career Like Yeah.

Happy Fourth of July week. If you’re like me and didn’t take vacation this week, I hope you enjoy not being hassled and shopping online. If you live in D.C., I hope you are appreciating your nice, employer-provided air conditioning.

Seeing as it’s almost America’s birthday, I’m saddened to have to tell you that our president has had to withdraw his nominee to be the next ambassador to the Netherlands. I know, it’s a terrible blow, please consult with a grief counselor if you are having trouble dealing with this news.

President Obama’s nominee for this distinguished post withdrew from consideration after he was charged that most American of crimes: getting liquored up, driving around, and allegedly resisting arrest.

That’s a party in the U.S.A. It’s definitely not a Netherlands party.

And I did I mention that our guy is a Biglaw partner?

AllGov has the story on Timothy M. Broas — the Winston & Strawn partner who was set to represent our interests in Holland:

President Obama’s nominee to be the next ambassador to Netherlands has withdrawn his name from the confirmation process in the wake of his recent arrest for drunk driving and resisting arrest. Timothy M. Broas, 58, was pulled over by Montgomery County, Maryland, police at 1:18 a.m. on June 19, at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Shepherd Street in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and charged with “attempting to drive [a] vehicle while under the influence of alcohol,” driving 47 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone, and resisting arrest, the latter charge being criminal in nature. At the time of his arrest, Broas was only one mile away from his home. The White House announced the withdrawal on June 28.

Broas (whose name I’m pronouncing as “Bro-Ass” because it’s funnier that way) has been an Obama bundler. He must have been a pretty successful one too, since the Dutch posting is a pretty sweet gig as European ambassadorships go; it’s not like anybody would want to be the ambassador to Greece right now.

In any event, Broas’s bio on the Winston & Strawn website says that his practice is focused on white-collar criminal defense. But let’s hope he knows some no-collar defense attorneys to help him out now:

In making its announcement, the White House took a hands-off approach. White House spokeswoman Debra Reed said that Broas “withdrew his nomination for personal reasons,” adding, “That’s the extent of what we’ll say about that.” Broas, who has made no public comment himself, was said by Reed to be hopeful that the charges would “be resolved under the transportation code,” which is legalese for saying he hopes the criminal resisting arrest charge will be dismissed. A trial date has been set in Rockville, Md., for August 6.

Maybe Obama’s next appointment to fill this post could be a certified pothead? Since, you know, pot is way more safe than alcohol if we’re concerned about innocent motorists. In fact, couldn’t we get Woody Harrelson or Snoop Dogg to fill this post?

Stay safe this week, kids. Cabs are your friends.

Nominated Ambassador to Netherlands Withdraws after Drunk Driving Arrest: Who is Timothy Broas? [AllGov]

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