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Bar Review Diaries: And Now We Come to the Payoff

Well, here we are, just one week ago until those fateful days. How are Nathan, Jeanette, and Andrew doing? Well, understandably they feel a little under the gun.

Our Bar Review Diarists all seem to have their own last-minute procrastination tools: Nathan went to a music festival, Jeanette watches bad television, and Andrew continues making far-out pop culture references. All perfectly normal, perfectly healthy….

Let’s hear from Jeanette first:

It’s the last full week before the actual bar exam. I’m starting to get worried, and seeing all of these Facebook statuses about the bar exam has this strange effect of both calming me down (knowing that others are on the same boat) and making me even more stressed out (what if I’m not studying hard enough?). I’m trying to de-stress by watching brainless TV shows involving gymming, tanning and laundry but it’s not really helping.

Even as I watch these shows, every injury and risk of harm are potential torts, every voluntarily intoxicated moment is a failed defense to criminal liability but a possible defense to a contract, and every word they utter may or may not fall under a hearsay exception. You know things are bad when Pauly, Snooki, and the Situation make me think about the law.

A friend who took the bar last summer had to walk through downtown Oakland after the test. He had to carry his laptop back home to upload it online. He spent a significant amount of time discussing, not really facetiously, what would happen if someone tried to steal his laptop. Even imagining that horrific scenario nearly drove him insane. Luckily it never came true. In any case, you’re not alone, Jeanette.

My favorite internet meme about the bar is the Confession Bear meme that says: “I haven’t worn pants without an elastic waistband in over a month.” Things haven’t gotten quite that bad for me yet, but I can understand where the writer is coming from. I have largely forgotten and/or stopped caring about wearing decent clothes. I came home with this huge suitcase full of my favorite, most flattering outfits but of course my suitcase has remained largely unopened. I have been all about the flannel, old t-shirts from high school, and torn shorts look. As it turns out, I have accidentally been dressing in a way that is socially acceptable. I went to dinner last night and my friend told me she liked my grungy chic look and I thanked the fashion gods that “grungy chic” is actually a thing.

As for Nathan, I can tell by his brevity that he is officially in go-mode, which is probably a good thing. He gets right to the point:

Around Wednesday or Thursday of last week, my productivity started plummeting. On Friday morning, I made the decision that I was going to take the weekend off to attend a music festival here in Chicago. I did that, which means I probably had more fun than most people in my position this weekend, but now I have a week long sprint ahead of me. I’m planning to wrap up most of the substantive material (the lectures and essays) Themis provided sometime early in the week.

Then the rest of the week will be filled with practice tests and essays along with some effort to memorize the material. A solid week of 12-14 hour days should have me ready, though, so I’m gonna get working on that.

I’m assuming you went to Pitchfork, and I’m jealous. If you’re going to put off crucial, game-time studying, Pitchfork is definitely the festival to do it with. (Did you catch Ty Segall? West Coast luuuv.)

Finally, let’s see how Andrew is doing. He’s preoccupied with the major upcoming event that we are all are concerned about….

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