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Caption Contest Winner: Cravath, Swaine & MOAR BROS

Early last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this photo of a bro and his Cravath duffle bag:

Over the weekend, you voted on the finalists, and now it’s time to announce the winner of our caption contest. As a special bonus, we also have a comment from a “bro” who says he’s the one featured in the photo….

As is customary, here’s the story behind this photograph, as explained by the tipster who sent it in:

Heading into the city yesterday morning, I caught a glimpse of this bro. I always knew Cravath was chochy but this takes it up a notch. Not sure I’d like to go up against him in front of Judge Weinstein. Feel like he might try to alley-oop his Cravath-issued iPad over to me while downloading a new pair of flipflops and fighting with me over a scheduling issue. Hang-10!

But this time, in an unusual twist, we also heard from a commenter using the handle “Bro in pic” who claims to be the subject of the photo. We have not verified his comments, but here’s what he has to say. His version tells a slightly different story:

So this is a photo of me… Taken by one of two of girls i overheard while waiting for the train. It was 7:15am in the suburbs of Chicago and I was heading downtown to visit family in a heat wave… But no excuses I am not the most fashion forward guy so I can appreciate the criticism. I worked at Cravath for a year and a half as a temporary attorney after being laid off from biglaw at the end of 2008, so you are all indeed correct that a REAL Cravath associate would never be caught dead wearing that. I took the Cravath bag after the firm’s holiday party this year. It was being given out as a party favor to all the attorneys and staff. Technically, I was not really allowed to even get one since temporary attorneys were not invited to the party, but I was working late and they mistakenly offered one to me so I took it as my holiday “bonus.” I did land a permanent job back in big law in NYC and I do hope to open up an Asbury Park office in time to show off the tatts on the beach. Peace bros.

In any case, here’s our winning caption:

Today is my last day as a summer associate at Cravath. You may keep in touch with me at, through Facebook at or via Twitter, @frattylite. Beginning next week, I am taking local trains from Delaware to California with a tent and my dog, Killer. I will have limited access to email, but will check messages frequently.

– UVA Bro

Thanks to everyone for suggesting comments and for voting. If you wrote the winning caption, feel free to email us, subject line “Caption Contest Winner,” to claim your prize (an ATL t-shirt).

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Caption Contest Finalists: Cravath, Swaine & MOAR BROS

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