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Collection Agency Is Just ‘Fee Shopping’ And Looking For Barely Competent Lawyers

Low hanging fruit needs love too.

If you think collection agencies are mainly staffed with unscrupulous jerks who barely understand the law and care about it even less, you might not be wrong.

A tipster sent in a Craigslist ad for a foreclosure firm in Pennsylvania. It’s pretty straight forward in terms of what the agency is about, and what kind of lawyer they’re looking for. Let’s just say that they’re not looking for people who made law review.

In fact, they aren’t even looking for a lawyer who will prepare his or her own documents. If you can sign your name, you can be their lawyer….

Here’s the ad. I’m going to post the full screen shot right here because if I just excerpt it you’ll think I’m lying (click to enlarge):

Our tipster opined:

And people were shocked to find out the extend of mortgage foreclosure fraud.

Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lawyer ad that is specifically looking for low-hanging, D+ fruit. What would your cover letter even look like for this position?

“I’m lawyer. Me no job. Considered running for State Senate, but me no pretty enough. What is a Flee Bailey? Is it like Fee Shopping but different? I get paid now, or later?”

But hey, people with crappy grades need jobs, too. It’s not like law schools charge you less if you get bad grades. This collection agency is maybe just doing it’s part to help legal education maintain its value.

Part time attorney needed (Pittsburgh west) [Craigslist]

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