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Congratulations to All Bar Exam Finishers!
(And more horror stories from across the land.)

Just like North Carolina, California had some electrical issues. A tipster tells us:

Just got off the phone with my girlfriend who is taking the California Bar in Oakland today – the first TEN rows of people were not provided with power cords, so were given the option of either (1) writting the exam or (2) using laptops until the battery dies, and then switching to writing.

They say they are “frantically working” on getting power cords over the lunch break….

So the exam takers could strangle themselves. Well, Californians, look on the bright side: at least there was no earthquake this year.

Meanwhile, back on the East Coast, it seems that the New York bar exam was fairly uneventful. We received some reports of ExamSoft problems, but that’s not terribly newsworthy; such things do happen.

(The same goes for technological glitches related to bar exam prep courses. We hear about this from time to time, from irate readers of ours who are upset that this service or that service’s website is down, but such incidents aren’t terribly interesting; no need to report them to us.)

We haven’t received many stories about the New York bar exam. But our friends over at Bloomberg Law did some nice on-the-ground reporting. They schlepped down to the Jacob K. Javits Center to interview New York bar takers, asking them about their feelings (“terrified” and “tired”), whether they have jobs lined up (most did not), and whether they’re glad they went to law school (interestingly enough, despite all the doom and gloom about legal education, most seemed fine with their decision).

Here’s the video (with some nice eye candy at around 0:35 (the skinny one), 1:25, and 2:37):

Once again, congratulations to everyone who just finished the bar exam! We look forward to bringing you good news about your results in the weeks and months ahead.

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