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If You’ve Had an Erection for More Than Twelve Hours, Seek Medical Attention (You Can Always Sue Later)

Do you remember those Viagra commercials where they tell you to seek medical attention if you’ve had an erection for more than four hours? That seems like a logical course of action — after all, it’s sometimes possible to have too much of a good thing. But what happens when you’re not taking an erectile dysfunction medication, and you’ve been standing at attention for an entire day or more? What should you do then?

Well, most men would take to WebMD in a heartbeat if they knew that their junk was at stake. Most men would immediately seek medical attention, regardless of a potentially long wait time at the hospital, because most men are fairly attached to their penises.

But not this man — he waited politely and patiently to find out that his penis was ruined….

Courthouse News Service has the scoop on a medical malpractice suit filed by Jason Buckalew, a Georgia man whose travails were long and hard (that’s what she said):

A man claims his physician failed to warn him that priapism is a side effect of the sleep drug Trazodone, and after getting an erection that lasted for more than 12 hours he needed medical treatment, which left his penis “woody with decreased length,” in Fulton County Superior Court.

So how did Buckalew end up in such a state? According to the allegations in the complaint, Buckalew spent nearly an entire day icing his penis to try to get his erection to subside. He didn’t go to the hospital because he was told that there would be a four to five hour wait. Buckalew didn’t see a doctor until he’d had a boner for approximately 26 hours — and he had to undergo emergency surgery for priapism just a few hours later.

Two years later, Buckalew claims that this was the end result of his treatment:

Umm, ouch. This sounds like an absolute horror story for most men. You wake up with morning wood, and days later, you find out that you’ll never be able get it up again. That’s just terrible. Like unattractive people, apparently allegations of medical malpractice are where boners go to die.

Complaint: Buckalew v. The Doctor’s Office, et al [Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia]
Alarming Condition [Courthouse News Service]

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