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Infographic of the Day: The Fabulosity of Fashion Law

We’ve mentioned this before, but it definitely bears repeating: fashion law is a fast-growing specialty practice area, a place where IP and corporate junkies alike can spread their wings and fly while taking a tour of the wonderful world of haute couture law. Thinking about joining the party?

If you’d like some additional details on this $250 billion dollar industry before becoming an insider in this stylish subset of law, check out our handy-dandy Infographic of the Day….

Is this industry really as glamorous as it all seems? If you’d like to find out, this massive overview of fashion law has all of the resources that you could possibly need. It even contains in-depth profiles of three prominent practicing fashion lawyers: Charles Colman, Mohammed Shariff, and Dave Faux.

If you’re a law student or a lawyer looking to enter or learn more about the fashion law niche, this infographic, created by a legal intern at Amicus Media, will provide you with all of the tools you could possibly need.

Behold the business of beauty (click to enlarge):

Are you ready to bask in the fabulosity of fashion law? We certainly hope so!

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