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June Lawyer of the Month: ‘The Internet Is an Archive, Idiot’

It’s time to announce the winner of June’s Lawyer of the Month competition. Last month, we had a potpourri of lawyers allegedly behaving badly for readers to choose from. In the end, there was one clear winner, who stole almost 50 percent of the total vote (and one pair of candidates who were ROBBED of the award, but more on that later).

Let’s find out who took home the honorific of Lawyer of the Month — and while we’re at it, let’s pray that this character doesn’t sue us in some oddball filing for bestowing it upon him….

Just 68 votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finishers, but we still think our silver medalists are worthy of some mention, because to be quite frank, they should have taken home the title. How could you pass up voting for Kent and Jill Easter, a husband and wife duo accused of planting drugs on a parent volunteer from their son’s elementary school? Come on now, these two should have won.

But it seems as if the Easters just couldn’t compete when matched up against Charles Carreon. As we noted in Carreon’s nomination blurb, he should have been given a Lifetime Streisand Effect award. In a legal threat heard ’round the internet, Carreon challenged webcomic The Oatmeal on behalf of a client. We bet Carreon never expected that the resultant response would be an image of his mother ravaging a cartoon bear. Thereafter, Carreon lashed out with a litany of filings described as ranging from the “bizarre” to the “ridiculous.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. We can only hope for more entertaining lawyers like Carreon to write about in the future. In conclusion, bear love good, cancer bad.

You can see the first of Carreon’s many filings in this matter on the following page….

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