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Kansas Attorney Accused of Upskirting His Female Employees

It’s been a while since we’ve used the “Creep of the Week” tag here at Above the Law, but today, we’ve got a lawyer whose alleged conduct is quite fitting for the title. Back in May, we briefly mentioned the activities of an alleged law firm panty peeper — an attorney — who according to a lawsuit filed last year, used an iPhone or an iPad to take upskirt photos and videos of his female employees while they were at work at his firm.

Now, just a few months after the allegations hit the news, that attorney has been dragged into criminal court and charged for his allegedly pervy predilections. Let’s find out more about the charges, and the allegations made against him in the lawsuit….

Back in 2011, Jeremiah Johnson, a lawyer from Olathe, Kansas, was accused of rigging iPhone and/or iPad apps to take secret video and photo surveillance of Brooke Bashaw, Katie Sellers, and Lauren Spalsbury, his female employees. According to the lawsuit, encouraged his employees to “wear skirts and high heels” to the office, but it seems that he may have had some ulterior motives for his dress code. From the complaint:

Bashaw, Sellers, and Spalsbury are asking for $75,000 a piece for invasion of privacy, outrage, and breach of fiduciary duty. And here we thought that men from America’s Heartland would have good old-fashioned values.

The authorities have now honed in on Johnson, and have charged him in relation to the civil lawsuit filed by his employees. Fox 4 Kansas City has more information:

Jeremiah Johnson

A Johnson County, Kan., attorney sent his own attorney to a hearing Thursday afternoon on charges he eavesdropped on his employees. The charges stem from allegations made by three women who worked for Jeremiah Johnson. …

Thursday was his first hearing on the misdemeanor charges, although he wasn’t required to appear in court himself.

According to the Kansas City Star, Johnson pleaded not guilty to the charges, but if convicted, Johnson faces disbarment, up to a year in jail, and probation. Here’s some additional video coverage:

It just goes to show that most men tend to think with their boners, not their brains — and according to these allegations and charges, Johnson let his… er, johnson, control his actions. Good luck to this alleged upskirting bandit as he tries to get himself out of a rather sticky situation.

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