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Lawyer of the Day: Hawaii Attorney Convicted of Harassment for Licking a Client’s Ear

Many of our past recipients of the Lawyer of the Day title have been accused of some pretty perverted conduct. Allegations of outrageous behavior, ranging from exposing an erection on a plane to offering “pro boner” assistance to female inmates, have spanned the great expanse of the continental United States. But we’ve never written about allegations of attorney misconduct that have made national headlines all the way from the sandy shores of the island state of Hawaii.

It would seem that one elderly attorney in Hawaii was more interested in servicing his clients than offering client service. You know you’re in trouble when a judge calls you a “dirty old man” in open court for engaging in some unwanted tongue action….

Say “aloha” to Lawrence McCreery, a 1974 graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, who would apparently rather lick his clients than lei them. CBS News has more information on McCreery’s case:

Lawrence McCreery

After a bench trial, Kauai attorney Lawrence McCreery, 64, was found guilty of harassment Thursday after a former client testified that while discussing her child custody case last year, he licked the back of her right ear.

She said he told the 21-year-old woman while touching her arm, “You look so good,” and “Too bad you’re married,” according to the Kauai prosecuting attorney’s office. The woman said he made a “weird sound” and hugged her tightly right before the licking.

McCreery’s romantic overtures are almost reminiscent of those of Kenneth “I am the Prize” Kratz, and we all know what happened to him in the end. Luckily, McCreery got off with a much lighter sentence — a mere $250 fine. On the other hand, McCreery must’ve been really tongue-tied when Judge Frank Rothschild noted rather frankly that McCreery’s actions were those of a “dirty old man.”

There’s been no word yet as to whether the Hawaii Bar will be taking any disciplinary action against McCreery that would sully his otherwise clean record. You better believe that McCreery’s attorney, Michael Soong, will be appealing his client’s case lickety-split — before this old dog can get his next slurp in.

Hawaii attorney convicted in ear licking case [CBS News]

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