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Lawyerly Lairs: Justice Sotomayor Está En La Casa

The exterior of the building — which we won’t show you, due to the security concerns discussed above — is ultra-modern. I like the look of it, but my colleague Staci Zaretsky was less enthusiastic: “Holy hell, the outside of Sotomayor’s new place looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie! Like very cartoony-looking, you know? It reminded of something from the awful Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka.”

Like I said, I happen to like the outside of the building; it’s pleasingly modern. But I can’t say I’m a fan of the lobby, which looks like it belongs in a nursing home. (Note: you can click on almost all of the images in this post to enlarge them.)

The hallway isn’t much better. It looks like that of a high-end hospital:

Thankfully, the interior of Justice Sotomayor’s particular unit is much nicer than the building’s public areas….

(hidden for your protection)

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