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Meet Mindy Meyer! You’ll Remember Her…

Have you ever visited a political campaign website that greets you with the dulcet tones of “I’m sexy and I know it?”

Well, now you have. You can die in peace.

Candidate Mindy Meyer — slogan “I’m Senator and I Know It,” in diamond bedazzling — is running for New York State Senate, on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines. Meyer is a former judicial intern for the Honorable Judge Rivera in the Kings County Supreme Court and currently attends the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in Central Islip, New York. If elected, she pledges to transfer to Albany to continue her studies. Fair enough. It’s not like the New York legislature does enough work to interfere with a full-time law school credit load….

Her main page cycles through lessons in “Photoshop Don’ts,” where an out-of-focus candidate is superimposed over the American flag and U.S. Capitol. At least her hot pink blazer matches the site’s color scheme.

The “Diva of the District” (written in leopard print because… why not?) outlines her policy stances, which address four pressing issues facing her district. First, she’s against Stop and Frisk, not exactly a popular move within Republican circles. Maybe Mindy Meyer is the sort of courageous “Maverick” that New York Republicans need? Think “Sarah Palin” but from New York. Uh-oh.

She also supports an end to the “Hunger Games,” which is laudable because President Snow is totally out of control too. Meyer is actually talking about reinstating a jobs programs for her district, but lest you forgive her for using a simple, fleeting analogy to illustrate a broader point, she matches this with a picture of herself with a novelty bow and arrow and a Katniss braid. But does she know that the plastic bow and arrow were made in CHINA! Outsourcer!

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