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Status Update of the Day: Would You Like To Share A Room With Success?

Finding a roommate for your first year of law school can be a challenge. You’re probably moving to a new city and you don’t know anybody. You’re reluctant to get a random roommate, because you don’t want to end up living with some crazy party-goer who ruins your study cycle just when you’ve started to learn about noise pollution in class.

In the modern era, social networking is a great tool for law students to meet up before classes start, and maybe find a roommate among their soon-to-be classmates.

But how should you choose a roommate among interchangeable matriculating law students? One guy has a plan, and that is to advertise his “success” in front of all those who might want to live with him.

Get used to this type of guy, 0Ls, you’ll be seeing a lot of him over the next three years….

Today’s status update comes from Pitt Law, and you’ll see that the ridiculous future Pitt student isn’t even the one who authored the update. It’s just that he has an unmistakable email address:

A tipster gives us a full issue spotter on the fact pattern we see above:

Let’s play a fun game called “Spot the Problems”

1) Why can this student not “participate on Facebook?” Does his mom control his internet access or something?
2) Obviously he’s a male student.
3) Communicate with your future roommate via e-mail – that sounds like fun.
4) IMASUCCESS – No you are not. It’s Pitt, not Harvard.
5) I really hope that his initials are GEM and that he is not in fact referring to himself as a “gem.”

Oh, I think he’s a success gem alright.

Welcome to law school, class of 2015. And Mr. Success Gem, welcome to being called “Success Gem” for the next three years.

(hidden for your protection)

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