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Comment of the Week: Let the Hate Flow Through You

Last week, my colleague Elie Mystal wrote a post opining about what Star Wars characters would be like as lawyers. There, he cast Justice Antonin Scalia as Emperor Palpatine, because apparently that was the “easiest Star Wars and the Law connection in the entire galaxy.” But what about mixing Star Wars and politics?

This week, one of our commenters had the chance to do just that after Elie picked apart President Barack Obama’s response to a recent law school graduate’s question about student loan debt. He called the response vapid and annoying (because it was), and with this passionate use of the Force, some thought that Elie might be convinced to join the so-called dark side — the Republican party.

Everything was proceeding as the Emperor had foreseen….

After seeing Elie draw his power from raw emotions on the student debt issue, Grimes produced this gem:

I’ve been expecting you young Mystal. I’m looking forward to completing your training.

– Emperor Romney

Obviously this Grimes fellow didn’t make it through to the end of the movie. HTH:

As much as Elie would love to use his aggressive feelings and slay the Emperor, much like Luke Skywalker, he’ll never become a Sith Lord — instead, he’ll go on to become the Grand Master of the New Law Blog Order.

Email us to get your T-shirt, Grimes. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.

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If Star Wars Launched A Law Firm

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