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Comment of the Week: Let’s Talk About the Birds and the… No, NOT THE BEES

I’ve been going through comments looking for a Comment of the Week, and I’ve got to say that the entries were not strong.

Part of that has been the news cycle: there have been a lot of posts about rape and child porn this week. Predictably, the comments have been filled with largely inappropriate comments about porn and inaccurate comments about rape (seriously commenters, I hope some of you are trolling, otherwise a bunch of you are just date rapists trying to justify ridiculous behavior).

Instead of going with some obvious Todd Akin riff, I’m going with a comment that was largely overlooked, on a story that many of you missed. But I think once I play one of the greatest clips in movie history, you’ll all understand….

First of all, Comment of the Week goes to Learned Paw. This makes him the first two-time winner. I’m talking with our corporate overlords about having super special ATL swag for five-time winners. I’m thinking these engraved with Above the Law somewhere, but it’s not my call.

The comment was about my UVA Law bees story (which was really fun, f**k all y’all that didn’t read it). The comment was simply:

Surely there are safer and easier ways to keep Nicolas Cage from applying to your law school.

Now, if you are not conversant about the brilliant film career of American iconoclast Nicolas Cage, you might have missed that line.

But if you are like me, you know what I’m about to link to next is a scene of unparallelled delight that belongs in the canon — nay, is the very definition — of superlative acting while wearing a bee helmet.

It’s why God invented cinema. Email us to get your T-shirt, Mr. Paw.

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