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Comment of the Week: You’ve Been Trolled

Comment of the Week was real goddamn easy this week.

You see, I’m the guy who thinks law schools are trolling all of you. I don’t actually think most law school administrators could possibly believe all of the things they say to their students. It’s a joke. It’s one big joke, and the only people who aren’t in on it are prospective law students.

The person who comes onto Above the Law and says, “the car is spelled LEXUS, not Lexis,” is exactly the same person who comes on and says, “I’m going to law school on the cheap because I received a LOAN through financial aid.”

We live in a world of trolls, so we might as well give a T-shirt to one of the most successful ones….

After I explained how the versatility of a J.D. degree was a hoax, Successful Troll objected:

It’s absolutely true that you can do anything with a law degree. Take my law school’s graduating class for example. For every barrister, we’ve got a barista. For every professor, we have a hair dresser. For every clerk for Judge Reed, we’ve got a clerk for Duane Reade. Pretty much everyone has fared well or is on welfare.

I’ve got nothing else to add, so I’ll turn the rest of the post over to the Walrus Blogbot 3000:

BOOM goes the dynamite.
I mean, you know, come on, if you want to get a T-shirt over a colored commenter, get a better comment score or STFU.
I knew a guy like ST when I was studying law in Boston, well not in Boston, but in CAMBRIDGE.
If ST goes to a TTT law school, he should just kill himself.
Pleese sent us a email and claimant you’re t-Shirt.

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