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IP Boutique Blind Item: When The Managing Partner’s Boyfriend Allegedly Pulls A Gun On You

This could be the last thing you see before you get no offered.

Haven’t we all been there? You’re a summer associate at a law firm event. You see the managing partner. You down your drink and work up the courage to introduce yourself to her, determined to make a good impression. You’re trying to get her attention, and maybe you brush up against her arm. And the next thing you know, her boyfriend is pointing a gun in your face.

Oh wait, that never happens to anybody. At least, it’s not supposed to. But according to one source, it did happen to a summer associate at an IP boutique around town.

And, you’re not going to believe this, but the kid apparently did not get an offer from the firm…

We’re doing this as a blind item because we have the report of just one source. We contacted the firm and the managing partner in question, and they declined to confirm or deny our tipster’s report. We might do more later if we get more information; if you have info you’d like to share, please email us or text us (646-820-8477; texts only, not a voice line).

The allegations in the one report are crazy if true:

[H]aven’t you heard about the wine tasting summer event for [Firm X]? It’s spread like wildfire to other firms so you have to have. You know, the one where the managing partner’s transit cop boyfriend pointed his GUN at a summer because he touched her arm? To make it worse, they NO OFFERED the poor kid. They had the gall to blame it on him!

A few thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Transit cops carry guns?
  • Transit cops carry guns to summer associate wine tastings?
  • Managing partners of successful IP boutiques date transit cops?

There has to be a lot more to this story. Did the summer associate casually brush up against the partner’s arm with his penis? Was the cop just showing off his gun because he was intimidated around all the lawyers? Is it well-known that the managing partner doesn’t like to be touched?

The statement that the firm provided to us was so unhelpful:

We do not comment publicly on personnel or hiring matters.

Of course, nobody really cared if they commented on the offer situation of the summer; we cared about the trigger situation of the MP’s boyfriend. I’d like to think that the summer didn’t even want to work at a firm where he had to live in fear of the boss’s boyfriend. But in this job market, the kid would probably offer to clean the weapon in order to get a spot.

Again, if we get more details about this, we’ll tell you more. In the meantime, add “don’t touch anybody, EVER” to the list of things to communicate to your summer class.

UPDATE (5:20 PM): Here’s the other side of the story, including allegations about the summer associate and the name of the firm in question.

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