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Komment of the Week: You Kan’t Go Wrong Mocking a Kardashian

It’s been quite an explicit week here at ATL. We’ve covered BJs, strip clubs, and oh yeah, more BJs (of the metaphorical if not literal type). Ample opportunity for snark, clearly. But I have to say, some of the best comments came from our old standby: law school drama. Our commenters know that sometimes it pays to stick to what you know.

For pure yuks, I’m a fan of Concerned Pastafarian’s comment on the story about the Jesuit law school which, in the words of one of our Twitter followers, is in the middle of a nervous breakdown:

“The tuition is too damn high!”

– Dean Mystal

That comment, a shout-out to Jimmy McMillan, is almost like a haiku. It’s brief and balanced, yet it still creates a clear, awesome picture in the mind.

But sorry Pastaman, your airborne spaghetti deity doesn’t have your back today. Like many other Americans, I can’t turn away from the ongoing trainwreck that is D-list reality TV stars and all the ways “normal,” “dignified” Americans make fun of them online….

I really don’t give a damn about the Kardashians (although, judging from our traffic stats, thousands of readers disagree). I didn’t know who this Rob fella was before we wrote about him. Scratch that, I’m still not exactly sure who he is. But I DO love me some alliteration and creative alternate spellings. Throw in some legal humor to boot, and we’ve got ourselves a winner…


I can’t wait to watch: E! Presents Kontracts with the Kardashians

to Haterade: Very true.I also predict he’ll kill it Korporations.In any event, he’s going to ace the Kalifornia Bar, so I have no concerns. To the folks at E! — thank you — I know what you’ll be churning out for the next three (or more) years.

Kongratulations, In-House Git. You’ve earned yourself an ATL t-shirt. Whether or not you want to tell people you won it for joking about a Kardashian — who isn’t even going to law school, after all — is up to you.

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