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Lawyerly Lairs: Your Own Private Mountaintop — for $18 Million

There are 13 formal gardens, and they’re distinctive and delightful:

Imagine enjoying a glass of wine, retrieved from your stone and timber wine cellar, while standing out on this terrace and watching the sun set:

And yes, in case you’re wondering, of course the house has a magnificent swimming pool, with stunning vistas:

The website for the house is very comprehensive, with photos, floor plans, aerial views, and extensive video footage. We’ve given you a few highlights; if you want to learn about the house down to the last detail, check out the full site. Enjoy!

And if you happen to like Sagee Manor and end up buying it, please tell Bob Fisher that David Lat sent you; I wouldn’t mind getting that $250,000 referral fee. Thanks!

P.S. Moving this expensive a property will be a challenge. Above the Law has had success selling real estate, but at a much lower price point — see the update on this post. If you’re a real estate professional interested in advertising on Above the Law, drop us a line, and we can figure out a custom solution for you.

For Sale by Owner, a Multimillion-Dollar Mountain Estate [New York Times]
Sagee Manor in Highlands, NC [official website]

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