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New Jersey Attorney Accused of Extorting Cash and Jewels From Lawyer She Was Having an Affair With

If you’re an attorney having a long-term affair with a fellow member of the bar and your married beau decides to break it off, you probably shouldn’t try to organize a harebrained extortion scheme in exchange for not telling his wife about his extramarital philandering.

If you do devise such a plan, you could wind up like Sasha C. Intriago, our Lawyer of the Day, a New Jersey woman who is currently imprisoned in lieu of $50,000 bail. In a Mob Wives meets Real Housewives scenario, Intriago allegedly attempted to extort lavish gifts and jewelry from her former flame.

How did the cops get involved in this situation? Let’s find out all of the details….

Thirty-year-old Sasha Intriago (née Sasha Rodrigues), a family law practitioner, had been having an affair with an unnamed attorney for approximately two years’ time. The Cliffview Pilot has more information on what happened when her lawyerly Lothario ended the illicit relationship:

Sasha Intriago

Intriago, 30, of Bloomsbury, in Hunterdon County was arrested by prosecutor’s detectives at her job on Thursday and charged with extortion and stalking. …

“When the demands, which were made in person and electronically, recently escalated to include large sums of money, the victim notified law enforcement,” the [Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli] said.

Late last week, Intriago was arrested at Koulikourdis & Associates in the firm’s Hackensack office (how embarrassing for all involved). Luckily enough, Intriago’s boss dabbles in criminal law, so perhaps he’ll be kind enough to offer her some free representation.

According to a Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Press Release, Intriago was charged with second-degree extortion and third-degree stalking. Translated into jail time, this failed femme fatale could potentially be looking at up to 20 years behind bars, with a presumption of imprisonment if found guilty of extortion.

Readers, if you ever find yourself in a situation like Intriago’s, pick up a copy of He’s Just Not That Into You (affiliate link). When you start reading, you’ll see that there isn’t a chapter about a man not being into you because he’s unwilling to pay your hush money. That chapter doesn’t exist in this book — or any book — because the authors presume that their readers aren’t completely batsh*t insane. Hope that helps.

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