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Welcome, Law Students: We’ve Found Some Appropriate Music To Herald Your Coming

Bagpipes are the red-headed stepchildren of musical instruments. They’re interesting for a second, then you wish they’d go away.

Welcome, law students. Welcome to the old ones meandering back to campus after a summer of making money and connections. Welcome to the new ones who do not yet realize that the previous sentence was a complete joke. Welcome to all.

Let’s have some music. I’m thinking something upbeat. Maybe some trumpets, or a guitar, or… wait… bagpipes? Somebody welcomes students to law school with bagpipes?

Isn’t that what you play at a funeral?

This was the scene outside of the Practice Court reception for new students at Baylor Law School. I don’t believe this was set up by the school; it was just one intrepid classmate who struck the right chord for the kids.

Here’s the video, with sound. Warning: these bagpipes sound like bagpipes.

Is going to law school kind of like attending your own funeral?

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