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What Was The Best Biglaw Summer Associate Event Of 2012?

Who had a ball this summer?

It’s August. The dog days. The beginning of the end of the summer. Summer associate programs at Biglaw firms are starting to wrap up. So it’s time for us to seek submissions for the best summer associate event of the season.

Biglaw summer programs are smaller and less opulent than they used to be. But they’re not as bad as they were during the darkest days of the recession. Summer associates are getting offers. And having lesbian sex. It’s not all bad.

There have to be some summer events worth nominating this year. Hell, at this point we’d settle for a summer event that didn’t require medical attention after it finished….

It’s been a rough summer if you’re looking to pop your collar about a big-time summer event. Things that normally would be slam-dunk winners have been twinged with a bit of sadness.

About two weeks ago, we heard that New York summers at Davis Polk got a really nice perk: a private screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. That ended up being… not that fun to brag about.

Summer associates at Quinn Emanuel can normally feel pretty proud about their mountain hiking adventure. But I’m not sure that needing to helicopter people to safety qualifies it for “best event” status.

I think the best summer event we’ve reported on this summer involved the Ropes & Gray associate turning potential embarrassment at the Apollo into triumph. That was a fun, positive story (and nobody got injured).

But there have to be other summer events that we’ve missed. Surely some associate took a gang of summers to a strip club. Maybe the big-scale summer events aren’t as opulent, but what about smaller ones>? Come on, tell me that some group of summers went to the Belmont Stakes because a partner represented one of the horse owners, won money, and then went to the jockey midget wonderland for nectar and singing.

That still happens in Biglaw, right? Send your best summer event stories to (subject line: “Summer Associate Event”). We’ll collect the best entries, let you vote on them in a reader poll, and then crown the best summer associate event of 2012.

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