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Which Member of the Kardashian Klan Is Going to Law School?

Here at Above the Law, we’ve written several times about “celebrity” law students. From Lindsay Lohan’s former Mean Girls colleague to a beauty queen from Texas, we’ve seen just about every species of luminary law student. But we’ve not yet had the pleasure of dealing with law students from the most “famous” family of all — the Kardashians.

That’s right, a member of the Kardashian klan is planning to attend law school this fall. Before this family made its claim to reality TV fame for having a slutty celebutante daughter, the late Robert Kardashian was actually famous for being a lawyer. He was a member of O.J. Simpson’s murder defense team, alongside Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Barry Scheck, and Robert Shapiro, in what was once referred to as the “trial of the century.”

But which of Kardashian’s children will be the one to start learning the law? If it’s Khloe, we fear that we’ll have to start writing about stolen lunches again. Perhaps it will be Kourtney, who will fight to institute law school day care centers. Or maybe it’s the sexiest one of them all, Kim, whose 72-day sham marriage may have inspired her to practice family law.

Let’s find out which Kardashian sibling will be attending law school this fall, and where….

Please note the multiple UPDATES added after the jump. The school in question denies that a Kardashian is coming its way….

Sorry folks, but none of the Kardashian sisters will be going to law school. They may have the business acumen to marry and date up, but we doubt that the ability to score highly enough on the LSAT to attend a reputable school is within their grasp.

According to Radar Online, Rob Kardashian will be attending law school:

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian will follow in his late father Robert Kardashian’s footsteps, as the youngest child of the Dream Team member is slated to begin his first semester at USC law school this fall.

The second-place finisher on Season 13 of Dancing with the Has-Beens Stars made the official announcement to the world and all of his future classmates via Twitter yesterday:

The USC Gould School of Law is currently ranked by U.S. News at No. 18, so we have no doubt that if Rob plays his cards right, he’ll be able to bring some honor back to the Kardashian family name.

And good news, ladies… he’s reportedly single. So you should reserve him as your Barrister’s Ball date, stat!

UPDATE (2:45 PM): USC Law just tweeted that Rob Kardashian will not be attending:

@atlblog – Rob Kardashian isn’t coming here, but we’re glad he’s a Trojan fan.

We have reached out to USC Law for a more detailed statement, and we have tweeted at Rob Kardashian as well. We will update again if and when we hear more.

UPDATE (4:35 PM): Here is additional information about USC Law’s denial.

Like Father, Like Son: Rob Kardashian Ready To Begin Law School [Radar Online]

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