The last winner of our esteemed Comment of the Week contest was rewarded for bringing some Oscar-winning gravitas to an already serious issue. Namely, the oft-crushing weight of student loans.

There’s always time for serious business, but sometimes we appreciate astute observations of minute, easily-overlooked details. (As Mitch Hedberg would have said, “What the f**k is a sesame?”) And our newest Commenter of the Week winner uncovered a similarly amusing logic problem in a former Sidley Austin associate’s book about his adopted K9….

In a story about Lee Smolen’s abrupt departure from Sidley, we briefly mentioned Tyler Coulsen, as well as Coulsen’s book: By Men or By the Earth: A Corporate Lawyer Walks Out on Law, Love, and Life, and Walks Across America With His Adopted Dog (affiliate link).

To which Guest responded, “Is there any other kind?”

“and Walks Across America With His Adopted Dog”

As opposed to his biological dog?

Well played, Guest. We shudder to imagine the literal interpretation of that sentence. Coulsen’s publisher might be in need of some new copy editors. If you’re looking for work, consider applying! In the meantime, Guest, shoot us an email, and we’ll send you your very own adopted ATL t-shirt.

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