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Las Vegas Firm Serves Up Second Helping of Ham

Our favorite lawyers in Las Vegas are at it again. You may recall last winter when we presented you with one of the most fantastically horrible legal commercials ever, involving exploding animated ham, a guy in a Cosby sweater, and death metal.

Well, my good friends over at Hamilton Law have offered up not just another wacky commercial, but a series of ridiculous billboards advertising the services of the Sin City bankruptcy and personal injury firm.

This time around, we get more awesome porcine puns, cheesy acting, and ugly sweaters. If there’s anything I can respect, it’s an undaunted commitment to crazy….

The Ham’s new commercial is premised around a slick talent agent-type fellow trying to sell Ryan Hamilton on the idea of corny billboards:

In it, we get a couple of lovely ladies showing us examples of the proposed billboards, including a fairly creepy gender-bending take on Rosie the Riveter, and allusions to the champagne room:

Mostly, though, I’m just happy that this guy is back, in an all new hideous sweater:

Even with no dialogue beyond, “I love it,” “Sexy,” and just laughing, he still steals the show. I want him to be my lawyer just so I can watch him laugh.

The commercial, of course, includes the requisite moment of seriousness, during which Mr. Hamilton tries to actually convey the legitimate services of the firm. Mercifully, though, the spot ends with a funk overture and a billboard featuring a waving Ryan Hamilton walking two pigs on leashes. That’s more like it.

The real genius of this commercial, however, is that, unlike the first spot, it actually makes you want to go to the firm’s website. In fairness, the allure is simply the promise of more ridiculous billboards, but the effect is the same.

True to their word, Hamilton Law has taken the time to mock up a number of swine-themed fake billboards. These run the gamut from a fake action movies to a send-up of LMFAO (complete with a zebra-striped tie):

Others stray from the pig-centric nature of the firm’s persona. I can’t really figure out why these particular themes were chosen — I’m assuming simply because everyone likes stripper poles, and zombies are all the rage with the kids these days:

Given the numerous movie spoofs in the billboards and the willingness to mention hot live nudes, it seems to me that The Ham missed a golden opportunity for a Porky’s reference somewhere in here. I can only hope that means that there might be more ads still to come.

While I admittedly had to pause to question the mental state of the creative genius behind the ad campaign, I can get behind most of these, in all their terrible, Photoshopped glory. The only one that really would have been better off remaining on the art department floor is the “hog wash” shot:

It seems to me that Cialis has cornered the market on bath-tub-based advertising. I’m not really sure you want your potential clients conjuring up images of erectile dysfunction and farm animals at the same time…

Lest we decide that Hamilton Law has actually gone insane, they voluntarily answer for us the burning question raised by these ads — What’s with “The Ham?”

So, why “the Ham?” As with all advertising, we wanted to do something entertaining to get your attention. Although Hamilton Law takes it clients’ problems very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy our work and hope that comes through in our advertising. And we believe laughter is an important part of life – both for us and our clients.

Well said, Mr. Hamilton. I’m all for people not taking themselves too seriously and for anything that brings some laughter into this dreary, often soul-crushing profession. If that’s your goal, go hog wild and keep bringing us more ridiculous advertisements.

In the future, I have only one request: more exploding ham.

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