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Lawyer of the Day: Literally Fighting for Her Right to Party

We’ve learned this before: sometimes lawyers and alcohol are like peas in a pod. But other times, lawyers and alcohol are like a box of dynamite and a book of matches. Get too close and everyone comes out looking a lot worse for the wear.

That’s the long and short of an incident that allegedly happened over the weekend in Atlanta, involving a Fulton County assistant district attorney.

The young litigatrix was arrested after allegedly fighting with cops outside a bar. Police had arrived to deal with her male friend, who had been asked to leave and reported for allegedly playing some unwanted grab-ass.

What a hot mess in Hotlanta. Time for ATL to pay a visit to ATL…

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution tells us this not-so-happy tale of a night on the town:

Miya Griggs

Assistant District Attorney Miya Griggs was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and simple battery, all misdemeanors, after Atlanta police said she intervened in their questioning of a male acquaintance, Zachary Mitchell, who had been accused of grabbing the buttocks of a patron at the Yard House.

APD spokeswoman Kim Jones said Griggs, 29, presented a badge identifying herself as a Fulton County prosecutor and then attempted to walk away with Mitchell — charged with disorderly conduct under the influence, disorderly acting violent with another and obstruction — before officers had finished interviewing him.

“Upon being detained, both suspects began screaming obscenities at the officers in full view of the public,” Jones said. “A security officer subsequently told officers that Ms. Griggs had flashed her identification and struck him in the face with it.”

Ouch! I wonder if Griggs may have nearly avoided a case of courthouse ID badge v. night stick? I wouldn’t want to face her in court, although Griggs and Judge Lucy Koh might make good sparring partners.

Griggs’s boss, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, was understandably displeased by the allegations:

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement that the incident was “shocking to [Griggs’] colleagues and to all of those with whom she is acquainted.”

According to Midtown Patch, Howard is reviewing the arrest report more closely. It will be interesting to see what — if any — professional consequences Griggs could face, especially depending on whether the charges stick.

Because, you know, normally police and prosecutors are supposed to be on the same side.

Fulton prosecutor arrested after fracas with police [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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