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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Solicitous

Happy Friday, Legal Eagle Wedding Watchers! You’re in for a treat. This edition’s contestant couples have the whole package: true love, good looks, and enviable legal credentials. Prepare to be consumed with envy.

Administrative note: We’ll be finishing up the summer’s weddings in our next installment, so if there’s a wedding you think is a must-see, send us an e-mail or a tweet and call the announcement to our attention.

Without further ado, here are our finalists:

Lindsay Rosenthal and Joshua Klein

Jane Baker and Brian Burgess

Lilian Yip and Anthony Yang

Keep reading for more about these couples and to see a list of other recent lawyer nuptials….

Lindsay Rosenthal and Joshua Klein
(Buy them a salad bowl.)

The Case:
– This perky bride, a doctor, is completing her residency in internal medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. She graduated from Tufts and earned her MD from George Washington.
– The groom: Oh, do we ever love this groom. He graduated from Amherst, got a JD from Stanford, and clerked for Judge Merrick Garland on the D.C. Circuit and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Now he’s an assistant United States attorney in LA, which sounds just a little bit bad-ass (but probably isn’t at all).
– Joshua is no doubt an alpha male, but what we really love about him is that he plays second fiddle — second violin, that is, in Condoleezza Rice’s string ensemble.

In 2003, the group also gave a private concert at Ms. Rice’s apartment, which attracted an overflow bipartisan audience, including Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, Alan Greenspan and Harriet Miers, classical music lovers all. On this Sunday, once the musicians had settled down and tuned up, they began by playing through the ebullient first movement of Schumann’s Piano Quintet in E flat. The piano part has fancy runs and elaborate flourishes, especially in a tempestuous contrasting development section, alive with intricate counterpoint. “We generally like to start off with a nice finger-buster for the secretary,” Mr. Battey said. That way, he explained, she’s warmed up when they really get to work.

The Secretary told the New York Times that her fellow musicians were “like my best friends . . . . We are like family.” A violin-virtuoso ex-SCOTUS clerk who’s like a brother (son? nephew?) to Condoleezza Rice? Are you kidding us? We’re hyperventilating here.

The Case Against:
– We’re slapping them with a minor Jewish Stereotype Deduction for having an excessive number of doctors and lawyers in their write-up (her dad’s a lawyer; his is an OB).

Jane Baker and Brian Burgess
(Buy them a cheese board.)

The Case:
– This couple made their love connection as undergraduates at Dartmouth, where the groom was summa. The bride also has a master’s in education from Harvard and is a history teacher at a D.C. high school.
– The groom has some muy impressive legal credentials: a JD from NYU, clerkships with both Second Circuit Senior Judge Guido Calabresi (who officiated at the wedding) and D.C. Circuit Judge David Tatel, and a stint — recently ended — as special assistant to Donald Verrilli Jr., the solicitor general of the United States.
– Where does Brian work now, you ask? Oh, merely as a law clerk to Justice Sonia Sotomayor at One First Street. [LEWW purrs with delight.]

The Case Against:
– Sad but true: Brian is going to spend more time with Sonia Sotomayor this year than with his new bride.

Lilian Yip and Anthony Yang
(Buy them a cleaver.)

The Case:
– This bride graduated from UC San Diego, has an MBA from the University of Michigan, and works at the National Institutes of Health.
– Her groom was summa at Notre Dame; he also has a JD from Yale and a master’s in engineering from Stanford. Like the groom above, he’s an assistant to the solicitor general. But Tony’s a real assistant, not a “special” one like Brian. But also not a Bristow Fellow. We know, it’s confusing. And you don’t care. Just remember that Office of the SG = dizzyingly prestigious.

The Case Against:
– She’s 38, he’s 42, and each of them could easily pass for a decade younger. Not fair!

The Verdict:
We love all three of these couples, but the Condoleezza Rice connection is enough to nudge Team Rosenthal-Klein to the top of the group. Congratulations and best wishes to them, and to all the newlyweds!

Honorable Mention:
Millie Tadewaldt and Benjamin Levi (2, Harvard, Kirkland)
Heather Cobb and Vincent Benjamin (Harvard, Cravath)
Katherine Mitchell and Patrick Bell (Virginia, S&C)
Lauren Willig and James Ratcliffe III (Harvard)
Camille Powe and Immanuel Foster (Harvard)
Amanda Williams and Christopher Norton (Georgetown, Weil)
Laura Bull and Michael Vernace (2, Duke, Simpson Thacher)
Silvia-Wedad Scandar and Matthew Mahan (Georgetown, Skadden)
Marissa Tillem and Brian Wolfson (2, Fordham, Rutgers)

The Rest:
Elliott Mogul and Jeffrey Sandberg (2, YLS, Arnold & Porter)
Sarah Dunne and Robert Kettle (Chicago, ACLU)
Mollie Gardner and William Hector (Fordham)
Stephanie Blake and Christopher Keenoy (NYLS)
Andrea Nolet and Daniel Martin (UPenn)
Emma Timmins-Schiffman and Ronen Elad (Columbia)
Julie Devine and Christopher Gartin (Drexel)
Ji Kim and Albert Shin (2, William & Mary, Georgetown, White & Case)
Caroline Waxler and Michael Levitt (Harvard, Fried Frank)
Keren Farkas and Philippe Knab (2, NYU, Brooklyn)
Rachel Finbloom and Jonathan Shapiro (Michigan, S&C)
Tiffany Piecewicz and Matt Meeker (U. of Iowa)
Bari Cohen and David Klein (BU, Paul Weiss)
Anjali Varma and Stavan Desai (NYU)
Allison File and Christopher Soverow (2, Brooklyn)
Emily Shaw and Guilherme Roschke (GWU)
Richard Friedman and Robert Hughes (Stanford)
Veronica Rotemberg and Ilan Graff (Harvard)
Sinae Lee and Eli Mark (Hastings)
Vera Gerrity and James Belger (2, UVA)
Mary Jane Frisbee and Scott Macdonald (American)
Neha Lall and Robert Knowles (2, Michigan, Northwestern)
Emily Cook and Christopher Dwight (UNC)
Lee Bantle and Mitchell Vines (NYU)
Kenneth Monteiro and Leo Blackman (Boston U.)
Margaret Cammer and Joan Snyder (Brooklyn)
Meredith Boak and Joshua Biber (Harvard)
Kevin Farrelly and Stephen Klein (Fordham)
Sarah Kotula and Christopher Brandt (U. of Maryland)
Samantha Leavitt and Jason Goldstein (Cardozo)
Sarah Allen and Craig Haaren (NYU)
Elizabeth Gamble and Nicholas Downing (Fordham)
Terry Chang and Christopher Doty (Columbia, Paul Weiss)
Lauren Toretta and David Levine (Harvard)
Mica Gilmore and Gabriel Llerandi (2, UCLA, U of Arizona)
Barin Nahvi and Leigh Rovzar (Northwestern, Wachtell)
Leda Ward and Michael Kushner (Vermont Law School)
Kristy Parker and Joseph Ferraro (Chicago)
Erin Kelechava and Robert Grossman (2, NYU)
Carey Bollinger and Benjamin Danielson (Columbia)
Eileen Schneider and Ryan Naples (2, Brooklyn, Pace)
Priya Velamoor and Jarrod Yahes (Duke)
Stacey Moore and Taurean Buchanan (2, Harvard, Mississippi College)
Mineko Onoue and Philip Legendy (Fordham)

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