Non-Sequiturs: 09.06.12

* Eek, here’s another attempt to try to stop Washington from having a football team named after a racial slur. (If you are a new reader who didn’t catch the “eek” reference, click on the link, you won’t be disappointed.) [Washington Post]

* Here are eight awesome ways judges have referenced Star Wars Trek. [i09]

* Here’s a long essay on “re-imagining” legal education that seems to imagine tuition being just as freaking high. [Huffington Post]

* Ben & Jerry porn copyright suit. Really, nothing says “soft serve” like mixing porn and fat people eating ice cream. [Gothamist]

* Drew Peterson is guilty. That only took five Lifetime movies. [ABC News]

* Confucius would be a very annoying lawyer, I think. [Underdog]

* It really does feel like the Supreme Court got a new agent. [Onion]

* I’m going to be speaking in front of the Anti-Defamation League’s Young Lawyers Division on September 13th. Click on the link to come out (it’s free) and see me talk about how I deal with hate speech, especially when it comes out of my own mouth. [Anti-Defamation League]

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