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A Biglaw Binder Full of Women?

Mitt Romney’s unfortunate comment at the most recent presidential debate, in which he boasted about receiving “binders full of women” while trying to build a diverse cabinet as Governor or Massachusetts, has become a wildly popular internet meme. If you’re looking for some good laughs, check out this Tumblr or this slideshow.

Happily, there’s a Biglaw connection to all of this. At which leading law firm can you assemble your own “binder full of women”?

Surf over to the website of Cravath, Swaine & Moore (which was the subject of a much-publicized makeover back in 2010). As you scroll through the partner bios, you are offered an “Add to Binder” option. Fun!

There are few things I love more than Cravath — read my prior paean to the firm — which is wonderfully white-shoe and WASPy. One of the few things I do adore more than Cravath, however, is a fierce and fabulous litigatrix (a term that Urban Dictionary credits me with inventing, in an entry I swear I did not create).

So of course I created a binder featuring the five litigatrices who are currently litigation partners at Cravath:

That’s just me and my own “binder full of women.” You can make your own over at the Cravath website. Enjoy!

P.S. I strongly encourage you to include the beautiful and brilliant Faiza Saeed, a longtime superstar of the M&A bar, in your binder. I would have put her in my binder — if you know what I mean — except my binder of women is for litigatrices only. To read more about what makes a litigatrix, check out my New York Observer essay from a few years back.

UPDATE (3:45 PM): Oops. I neglected to include a very prominent litigatrix in my binder: Christine Varney, former antitrust head of the Department of Justice (and someone I discussed at length back in this post). She did not show up when I searched for litigators on the CSM website, but she is most definitely a litigatrix (and is identified in her Cravath bio as a litigation partner as well as chair of the antitrust practice).

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