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Comment of the Week: Full Immersion

Over the past week, two of our most popular stories have involved a tense exchange between former law student Courtney Horne and Southern University Law Center Professor Donald North.

Professor North mentioned that he had more important things to do that write internet commentary, namely IMMERSING HIMSELF IN THE STUDY OF CRIMINAL LAW. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that quip has metastasized into a new meme here on ATL.

Which, of course, means Comment of the Week contestants galore….

Most commenters took the easy route, simply substituting one word here or there, depending on the context. But we wanted more. Some complexity and originality.

So congratulations to Professor Ronald South, for weaving that meme into our popular story about the Princeton Review’s new “Toughest To Get Into” law school rankings:

i’m proud that Northern University Law Center is not among the law schools with the “most competitive students.” my view is that a relaxing and fun classroom experience produces the best lawyers. that is why i do not assign any reading, my final exam is True/False, and i do not grade on a curve.

i do have more to say, but i’ve just drawn a warm bubble bath, and i’d like to immerse myself in it before the water gets cold.

Sounds like a great curriculum to me, as long as you’re not concerned about, you know, getting a job. Professor South, once you’re sufficiently destressed, please send us your contact info via email and we’ll send an Above the Law t-shirt your way. And if you don’t feel like wearing it, hey, it doubles as a nifty bath mat.

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