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Comment of the Week: You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

Maybe it’s just because Elie is out for a few weeks caring for his new mini-Elie, but we’ve recently been feeling a little more warm and fuzzy than usual here at ATL. One of the most widely-read stories this week was Staci’s heartfelt response to the jerkoid attorney who called out a Midwestern news anchor for her weight. As of this writing, Staci’s post has generated more than 200 comments.

Anonymous commenting gets a bad rap, but as our Comment of the Week winner shows, sometimes even the haters can give a lil’ love too…

So, yeah, congratulations to The_Haterade:


Seriously, though, I’m going to take off my cruel insult pimp hat and put on my good feelings sombrero to say that I am glad Staci writes here and I am always impressed by the mean-spirited shit she can take from people.

I may be an asshole, but I prefer to go after deserving targets.

We get it, sometimes it is cool to hate, and that’s why we don’t get too worked up about unsettling fan fiction and the other slings and arrows that are an integral part of our jobs.

(Speaking of, honorable mention goes to Concerned Pastafarian for his hilarious response to Haterade: *eyes poke up from hunting blind* WE GOT A TANNENBAUM AT 8 O’CLOCK.” Not to single out Brian Tannebaum, but just because we find that particular mental image entertaining.)

In any case, Haterade, please send us your contact info via email and we’ll send an Above the Law t-shirt your way. Maybe you can wear it to the next Player-hater’s Ball.

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