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Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Has A Late-Night Heart-to-Heart with Several Penn State Students — Over Beer and Taco Bell

Karl Rominger

In the hours before Jerry Sandusky’s sentencing on Tuesday, one of his attorneys, Karl Rominger, was giving new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small, medium, or large stuff.”

Was Rominger reviewing notes? Meditating? Naaah. He was out drinking with Penn State students! Specifically, he was on the prowl for some ladies.

A couple reporters from school publications were there to catch the action and some choice soundbites from Sandusky’s lawyer. Oh, and of course there are photos.

Giggedy… giggedy?

Although Sandusky’s legal team blamed the media and lack of prep time for Sandusky’s 30-to-60-year sentence, that didn’t stop Rominger from having a 25th Hour-style night out on the town. Yahoo! Sports gives us the scoop:

Sandusky’s co-counsel, Karl Rominger, sent out a tweet Monday evening offering to buy alcohol at Zeno’s Bar in State College and added “Coeds appreciated.”

Rominger got a few takers, many from the independent student online news site, Onward State, and a reporter from the Daily Collegian, the student newspaper, who happened to be female and was there to get a story, not booze and was quickly rebuffed by Rominger.

What ensued with some of the reporters from Onward State was a night of drinks paid for by Rominger, or Sandusky if you want to get technical, the exchange of information about the trial and Rominger trying to get some tail.

According to one student reporter present (and accepting drinks on Rominger’s dime), the attorney said his only remaining task was a little morning prayer. The student, for his part, may want to pray his journalism professors don’t annihilate him for receiving free stuff from a source involved in a major story he’s covering, but that’s neither here nor there.

Eventually the crew wound up at Taco Bell, where Rominger made some more interesting statements, according to Kevin Horne, another student editor:

We sat there and shot the [expletive] for a half an hour, 45 minutes or so. Rominger told us to put our phones away at one point when we were talking. He said he didn’t expect to get paid for the case — he was doing it for publicity for his firm and that’s why he took it.

Okay then! Who knows, maybe the booze and chalupas made him a little loopy, but this doesn’t seem like the best conversation to have with a bunch of college reporters the day before your infamous client is sentenced to life in prison for raping children. If you want to feel even more uneasy, you can see photos of the weirdly jovial group in Yahoo’s article.

We’ll see how all this might affect Sandusky’s appeals. But then again, maybe it won’t, because Rominger also told the students Sandusky only has a 50-50 chance of winning his appeal, and “wasn’t going to last long in prison” anyway.

Wow, that’s some plain-speaking.

Hours before Sandusky’s sentencing, his lawyer was drinking with Penn State students [Yahoo! Sports]

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