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Law Student of the Day: A Good Samaritan Hero

Is it more dangerous to jump in front of this, or to go to law school?

Would you jump onto train tracks in front of an oncoming train if you were a Seton Hall Law student?

Oh, I mean to save another person. Would you jump in front of an oncoming train to save somebody else?

Well, if you didn’t jump, you might be liable under my groundbreaking theory of Good Samaritan liability (mwahaha, making criminals of people who don’t help, or help stupidly). But if you would jump onto train tracks to save an elderly woman, you’d be as good of a person as James Baber, Seton Hall Law student and PATH train hero….

Baber’s story is on the Jersey Journal:

As the PATH train approached the Journal Square station during last Thursday’s evening rush hour, a 72-year-old woman stumbled and fell onto the tracks.

Heading to law school in Newark, Bayonne resident and Hudson County employee James Baber spotted the woman from the overhead walkway above the platform.

In what he describes as a “moment of pure adrenaline and instinct,” Baber, 24, jumped onto Track 3 and helped pull the woman off the tracks before the train pulled into the station.

All that’s missing from this story is a box of fireworks.

What’s also impressive here is that Baber acted while others watched:

“It’s not like there was much of a thought process,” Baber said Monday. “There was a man waving his arms to signal the train to stop, but no one else was going to be able to get there in time.”

Great job, man waving his arms to get the train to stop. Instead of wasting your arm energy, you should have just tried to send the conductor a text message. Then you could have said to all your friends, “I won’t lift a finger to help a woman about to be run over by a train, but I’ll lift a thumb!”

Baber works as a clerk in the Hudson County law department. He’s also the son of Hudson County Superior Court Judge Mark Baber.

So he already has one legal job, and his dad is connected in the legal community. It seems like Baber is the kind of man who does look before he leaps into truly dangerous situations.

Bayonne resident jumped onto tracks to save woman who had fallen at Journal Square PATH Station
[Jersey Journal]

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