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Lawyerly Lairs: Two Kitchens, One Couple
(Or: An actress turned lawyer’s uptown abode.)

Actually, make that kitchens, plural. The Times explains:

They don’t plan to turn their house into a single-family until they’ve lived in it for a while. They find it oddly frustrating to have two kitchens (though Dr. Marion’s Mount Sinai colleagues joke that the setup is perfect for keeping kosher). They cook dinner in one and breakfast in the other, trying to decide which they prefer, making many trips up and down the stairs to locate the right utensil.

Do two decent but not fabulous kitchens — I see no Viking, Sub-Zero, or Miele appliances in sight — add up to one gourmet kitchen?

But this may be for the best. If Rutledge-Parisi and Marion end up converting the building into a single-family home, it would be a huge waste for them to have to gut a gourmet kitchen. When they do the conversion, then they can install the state-of-the-art appliances.

Despite the oddness of two apartments and two kitchens, the family seems quite happy with how their hunt turned out. They particularly appreciate the neighborhood, where people say hello to each other when they pass on the street.

“I realized I am now in a place where you say, ‘Good morning,'” James Marion told the Times. “I love it, because there is a certain formality, and at the same time there is a kindness about it.”

Formal, yet kind — sounds just like a white-shoe law firm. Allison Rutledge-Parisi should feel right at home in her new lawyerly lair. Congratulations to her and her family on their beautiful abode!

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