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Quote of the Day: When Football Completely Scrambles Your Brain, Law School Sounds Like a Great Idea

Randall Gay

I didn’t have to really study for football. It’s just something you know. Now, I’m starting from scratch writing briefs. I don’t know what a brief is. I’m taking a tort class. I don’t know what a tort is. In football, we have seven days to prepare. Now I have to do assignments and have them done by the next day. But I’ve learned to adapt quickly.

Randall Gay, a retired football player formerly of the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints, commenting on what it’s like to make the difficult transition from playbooks to law books in his new career as a law student.

(So where is the ex-cornerback going to law school? Let’s find out!)

After winning two Super Bowl rings, surely Gay could have been admitted to a prestigious school. But alas, he’s not attending a very highly ranked law school. In fact, some might say it’s kind of like how the Saints played last night: crappy. It may even be worse than attending the Cleveland Browns of law schools, like ex-NFL rookie Andrew Sweat chose to do earlier this year. EBR South’s 9News Neighborhoods has the details:

[Gay] is in what he describes as his “rookie” season at Southern University Law School. He is about to complete his first semester.

“I’m that bright-eyed rookie starting everything new from scratch,” Gay tells 9News Neighborhoods. “I’m like ‘Oh my God. What did I get myself into?’”

He enrolled part-time at Southern after retiring from football last year.

It’s a good thing Gay still has his millions and his name recognition from his former life as a football player, because after graduating from an unranked school like the Southern University Law Center, he may end up IMMERSING HIMSELF IN THE STUDY OF UNEMPLOYMENT.

Randall Gay trades playbook for law books [EBR South 9News Neighborhoods]

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