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A Holiday Message From Touro Law

What can you get a prospective law student who has everything? How about a free application to Touro Law.

I’m assuming of course, that you’re getting gifts for people you hate. If you like this prospective law student, you should get them the gift of a slap upside their head whenever they talk about taking the LSAT.

Anyway, back to Touro. The Dean of the Law School, Patricia Salkin, sent an interesting message to Touro alums this holiday season. She asked them to “share their stories” with students who are still on the fence about going to law school.

Yes, Touro grads, by all means, share your cautionary stories with people who can still pull themselves back from the law school precipice….

Touro has a bit of a reputation problem. They have low standards of admission, charge tons of money, and their graduates have trouble getting jobs.

In response to this, the Touro dean is telling alumni to go home this holiday season and “tell their story.” Here’s part of her letter to alumni:

You may have the opportunity now or in the near future to speak with people who are considering a legal education. We know that when our alumni tell their “Touro story,” it inspires others. We find that our alumni are some of our best unofficial recruiters, and we thank you for being an important part of our recruitment efforts.

We hope that you will continue the tradition of recommending quality applicants to Touro Law Center.

In sports, there is the concept of the “challenge trade.” I think your guy is better, you think my guy is better, let’s trade and see who is right. And let me tell you, I’d love to take the challenge suggested in this email any day of the week. Let’s have “all” the Touro grads really tell their stories, and see if that makes people more or less likely to go to law school.

Note: Touro would have a built in advantage in such a challenge. People like to believe that they did the right thing, even when all the evidence points to them making a massive mistake. Many unemployed Touro grads will try to tell you that they still made a credible decision.

But I think most will acknowledge the truth, and at least admit to prospective law students that they wouldn’t “do it again.”

Really, I’d advise all recent law grads to talk some sense into prospective law students they meet over the holidays. Prospective law students look at U.S. News and a fantastical picture, furnished by the law school, about how awesome it’s going to be when they get a law degree. What they need is to have more real conversation with recent graduates who can explain how it really works. Recent graduates who can’t get a law job, or any other kind of job, with their law degree. Real grads who have a mountain of debt. Real grads who learned by 1L year that U.S. News doesn’t tell you the full story.

So, yeah, go ahead, tell your stories. We’ll see who wins this little debate.

Check out the next page for the full Touro offer, which includes free applications to anybody “referred” by Touro alumni. I’ll really love to see what happens to those referring alumni three years from now when confronted with graduates who say, “You told me to come here!”

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