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Associate Bonus Watch: White & Case Matches (in New York)

Bonus announcements continue to trickle in. Today brings bonus news from White & Case.

It’s not terribly exciting. For associates in New York, the firm is matching the Cravath scale (just as Morrison & Foerster did the other day).

When are the bonuses going to be paid? And what about associates beyond the Big Apple?

The bonuses will be paid on January 28, 2013. As for non-NYC associates, “each U.S. office outside of New York [is] expected to make adjustments to the bonus range as necessary to accommodate for local market considerations and the office’s policy.”

Is that just W&C-speak for “non-NYC associates will get less”? Or is it possible that some outside Gotham could get more?

In any event, congrats to White & Case associates on the bonuses. You can inspect the full memo on the next page if interested.

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