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Judge of the Day: Sua Sponte Holiday Continuance

The Alabama Crimson Tide are back in the BCS title game. Any moment, we expect SEC lawyers with poor time management skills to start asking judges for continuances so they can go to Miami to support their team. It’s happened before, Roll Tide.

I’m not expecting Notre Dame trained lawyers to totally freak out in the next month. I trust them to figure out how to manage their professional and fanatical responsibilities without needing continuances and extensions. Aren’t most Golden Domers in your life competent even while they’re insufferable?

In any event, one judge in Florida isn’t waiting to see if lawyers are going to need extra time this holiday season; instead he’s giving it out sua sponte. And really, I basically had this idea last year for all judges in SEC country….


Last year, I suggested that the BCS title game should be a regional holiday in SEC country. They’re in the title game every year. They care about football more than they care about, I don’t know, hygiene and book learning. Let’s make sure that nobody has to work down there around championship time.

Chief Judge Federico Moreno of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida isn’t going that far. But he is granting an “enlargement of time” for defendants to respond in one of his cases for any reason they can think of. From the Southern District of Florida Blog:

Chief Judge Moreno has a holiday spirit order of his own, in which he says “in light of the many upcoming holidays, including Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Three Kings, Day, the Bowl Championship Series Game, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Court GRANTS an enlargement of time for all Defendants.”

You can read the full order on the blog.

It seems like the most fair way to grant extra time. Everybody’s Christmas is different. For some, it’s actually Christmas, for others, it’s getting drunk and kissing girls on New Year’s.

And for some people, it’ll be watching Alabama’s D-II offense grind to a halt against an SEC-caliber defense, and laughing when Nick Saban stabs A.J. McCarron in the neck. Yeah, I said it. Notre Dame 17 – Alabama 10.

I’ll see your Holiday Spirit and raise… [Southern District of Florida Blog]

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