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Lawyer of the Month: November Reader Poll

November brought us many things to be thankful for, ranging from time spent with family to hurricane relief efforts to the lawyerly antics worthy of representation in our Lawyer of the Month competition.

In what’s probably a first, the majority of this month’s contestants are judges, with a mere sprinkling of lawyers here and there. But when it comes to laying down the law — at least insomuch as this contest is concerned — these controversial jurists are top notch.

Let’s check out our nominees for November’s Lawyer of the Month….

Here are your choices, along with a description of each nominee’s alleged conduct. As always, the criteria for Lawyer of the Month are whatever you guys think the criteria should be.

  • Marshall Feiring: This Sidley Austin attorney stands accused of intentionally bodyslamming a biker to the ground in Central Park. He’s been criminally charged with third degree assault and second degree harassment, but the wheels are still spinning on whether he’ll be convicted.
  • Judge Melba Marsh: This Ohio judge made our list of competitors for telling a young defendant in a drug trafficking case that he couldn’t “have one more joint for old time’s sake.” In fairness, Judge Marsh would’ve had to have been high on pot to acquiesce to such a request.
  • Judge Susan McDunn: This recently resigned Illinois judge thought the world was out to get her, specifically, that she was “being persecuted extensively by many people in many ways,” all in secret court filings. All the while, McDunn insisted she wasn’t paranoid. Yeah, okaaay, sure.
  • Judge Cynthia Brim: This Illinois jurist was declared “legally insane” by a court-appointed psychiatrist after shoving a sheriff’s deputy and rambling incoherent things while ruling on traffic cases. She was recently reelected — if that’s not legally insane, we don’t know what is.
  • Clifford Chance Mommy: This former Biglaw attorney rocked the legal world with news of her epic departure memo. Her memo went viral, and made many people question their own sense of work/life balance, and whether or not they should invest in a nanny. (Protip: you should.)

Please vote in the poll below. Voting will end on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time).

Who should be November’s Lawyer of the Month?



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