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New Partner Watch: The Quinn Emanuel Ten


From: John Quinn
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012
To: All Personnel
Subject: New Partners–the complete list

Last night an email went out announcing 6 new partners. Actually, it turns out that, through no fault of the author of that email, the list of new partners elected this weekend was incomplete. The complete list is as follows:

Jeremy Andersen (LA)
Carl Anderson (SF)
Linda Brewer (SF)
Justin Griffin (LA)
Christopher Kercher (NY)
Joseph Milowic III (NY)
Isaac Nesser (NY)
Steig Olson (NY)
Dan Posner (LA)
Audrius Zakarauskas (GB)

We are very fortunate to have many outstanding associates who we can promote to the partnership; there are other great candidates who we are sure will be promoted next year.

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