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Rejection Letter of the Day: Srry, But Yuo Can’t Spel Gud

In this day and age, the rejection letter is few and far between. Most law school graduates who are desperately searching for employment have only their empty inboxes to serve as their cold, harsh dose of reality. Truth be told, some even long to receive those uncommon rejection letters, if only in recognition of their continued existence on this planet as a human being with a piece of paper that’s worth six figures and then some.

But if you were to receive one of those magical, mystical rejection letters, wouldn’t it make you feel better if that letter were so riddled with typos that it would be hard to believe that it had been sent to you by a Biglaw firm?

That’s what we’re working with today, folks, and the offender is Husch Blackwell. Although it’s not quite as good as the rejection letter based on Obama’s reelection, it’s up there. Here’s the letter our tipster received:

Date: Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 5:59 PM
Subject: Husch Blackwell

We received your resume expressing an interest in joing our firm as an attorney. Than you for your interesest in Husch Blackwell LLP.

While you certainly have an impressive resume, our current hiring nees dictate that we are not in a position to offer you an interview at this time. We will, however, keep your resume on file in case our needs change in the future.

Thank you again for your interest in Husch Blackwell, and w wish you the best in your legal career.

Hmm, this is very interesting in that last we checked, Elie Mystal was still an editor at Above the Law, and not a member of the Husch Blackwell recruiting department. In terms of the firm’s hiring needs, we suspect that someone will be joining its in-house typing department in the near future, if that hasn’t already happened.

Butt at leest they mananaged to spel Hush Blaquewelle corrrectly, and w suppose tehy can be thanful for tat.

(hidden for your protection)

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