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Solo Practitioner Sends Rejection Letter Blaming ‘Election Results’ For Hiring Freeze

Elections have consequences, and right now I’m waiting for Republicans to start paying the piper. I’m looking at you, Ted Nugent. You declared, nay promised, that if Obama was reelected, you’d either be dead or in jail within a year. Well, tick tock buddy, we’re all waiting.

In fact, there were many Republicans who promised to do all sorts of horrible things should Barack Obama win. And apparently some of them are following through. Nothing makes a political statement about the vibrancy of our democracy than petulantly firing people when democracy doesn’t go your way.

And heck, we don’t even know how many people will be “not hired” because, “Grrr… we have to pay for our employees’ health care because we were too partisan or stupid to support a single-payer system that would have shifted the burden of health insurance away from private employers.”

At least, we won’t know unless they tell us. Which, incredibly, one solo practitioner apparently did, in a rejection letter to somebody who applied in response to her Craigslist ad. It’s easily the best post-election rejection letter we’ve seen….

Our tipster reports that he applied to the Ruffi Law Offices in Wisconsin in response to a Craigslist ad that attorney Sarah Ruffi placed before the election. A couple of days ago, he received the following rejection letter:

Sarah Ruffi

Dear Republicans, it’s not a nightmare, Obama really is going to be president for another four years. There is no “uncertainty.”

I honestly don’t understand how the presidential election could possibly affect the hiring decision of a small law office in Wisconsin. We’re not talking about whether General Motors is going to open a new factory in Wisconsin. We’re talking about a small law office hiring an associate. How the hell is the president, of either party, going to significantly affect the amount of legal work available in small-town Wisconsin?

Is it possible that she’s been sucking on the fumes of the Tea Party so much that she doesn’t understand how Obamacare is even going to work? As our tipster notes:

Just a thought — it couldn’t be Obamacare because she seems to be a solo, so she wouldn’t have enough employees for Affordable Care to affect her. Right?

Businesses with more than 50 full-time employees might have to pay extra, but employers with fewer than 25 employees might actually get tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. It’s ridiculous to think that something like Obamacare is going to affect whether or not a very small or solo practitioner should hire an associate.

(Sorry, I know, I’m trying to present “facts” to people who want to keep the government out of their Medicare. My bad.)

I don’t even know if Ruffi has a specific Obama policy she believes limits her hiring options. She has not yet responded to my request for comment. But our rejected tipster suggests that trying to link “reason” with this rejection might be futile. He says that the ad, which is no longer available, originally told applicants that she really cared about spelling, yet misspelled the word “experienced.” And then there’s also the curious timing of this ad and rejection:

Although this is a lawyer who (supposedly) posts a job a few days before an election, which is contingent on the outcome of an election – rather than waiting for that outcome. Probably not a genius of legal reasoning.

That’s the real nutty thing, right? Why not just wait to see who wins and then post a job?

I think that goes to the bubble that people like Ruffi apparently live in. Was she so sure that Romney was going to win, believing Karl Rove and ignoring Nate Silver, that she was honestly shocked when Obama emerged victorious? In her world, is everybody telling her that Obama equals the end of America, and so she can’t possibly hire an associate?

Still, if you are a lawyer who can’t figure out how to generate some legal fees during an Obama regulatory Armageddon, maybe you’ve got bigger problems.

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