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Dear Students,

Professor Kaczorowski has calculated his essay grades based on either the first exam sitting or the makeup exam sitting. As my previous correspondence indicated, we will assign to you the higher of your essay grade or the grade equivalent of your Fall 2012 grade point average. You should be able to access your grade in this course by the end of the week, once we have calculated all Fall 2012 grade point averages.

Because of the conditions under which this course has been graded, it is not possible to adhere to the mandatory curve for your class. In addition to being offered the above option, half of the exam was invalidated and not every student was graded on the same essay problem. This has made applying a uniform grading scheme and curve impossible in this course. Consequently, your Constitutional Law grade will appear on your transcript but will not be computed into your grade point average (either for the semester or cumulative).

We (the administration) understand that this is not ideal, and may even seem unfair, from your perspective. However, we have sought to balance the equities involved, including the fact that other Constitutional Law sections are obligated under our rules to adhere to the mandatory curve. We very much regret this situation and have concluded that this course of action is the least disruptive to the integrity of our grading system.

Dean Foster

Con Law Exam Mishap Opens Debate Over Grading Policy [The Record at Fordham Law]

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