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ATL Field Trip: Viva Las Vegas

I was expecting the “wildlife habitat” to be some sad little glass-enclosed space in the middle of the casino, featuring a few underfed birds wandering around and pecking at pebbles. But as it turns out, the wildlife habitat is a large, lovely, open-air courtyard in the middle of the Flamingo Hotel. It’s lush and well-landscaped, with footpaths meandering between rocky outcroppings, pools, and waterfalls:

Given the sprawling nature of the habitat and the numerous hiding places within it, due to the presence of trees, shrubs, and rocks, I can now see how it would have been possible for visitors to chase a bird into a secluded area, behead the bird, and emerge with its head and lifeless body (as previously alleged to us by one source, an employee of the Flamingo).

If you should find yourself on the Las Vegas Strip and in need of an escape from the smoke and din of the casinos, I would absolutely recommend checking out the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo. You can enjoy some fresh air, collect your thoughts (perhaps after a brutal losing streak at the tables), and find comfort in admiring the beautiful animals.

Speaking of which, let’s have a look at these creatures….

(hidden for your protection)

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